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Broken Teeth

When a tooth breaks, it’s a race against time to prevent further damage to the nerve. Teeth can break as the result of an accident, decay, or hidden cracks. In the majority of cases, a broken tooth can be patched up with a filling, but if there is not a whole lot of tooth left, it is liable to break again. Every time a tooth breaks there is a chance the break will split the nerve, and then we’d probably be looking at rebuilding the whole tooth with a root canal and large filling.

If a tooth has a history of breaking and is heavily filled, one other option to strengthen and protect what’s left of the tooth is with crowns (caps). Crowns are like a new shell or helmet for the tooth, that completely hold the tooth together. The added bonus is that crowns can be made to look just like a normal tooth. Crowned teeth are very strong.

The photos below show old cracking amalgam fillings that would be suitable for protecting with crowns, a model of which is depicted on the right-hand photo.

crown strong tooth porcelain cracked amalgam molars

Interesting Tooth Tip #8

Removing a damaged tooth may seem to be the easiest and less costly option, but over the long-term this can result in difficulty chewing, sloping teeth and uneven biting.

Consider replacing the space with a denture, bridge or dental implant!