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Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Sick of always being tired and needing lots of zzzzz’s?

Having trouble sleeping?

Your partner’s snoring keeping you awake night after night?

Sleep apnea is a condiiton where the airway is too narrow, hence the snoring… and as you drift off to sleep, you literally stop breathing.

After a prolonged period of suffocation, the brain triggers the body to start breathing again with a shot of adrenaline. You start breathing again but you also awaken. So you end up both being deprived of oxygen but also having a very poor quality of sleep.

Untreated sleep apnea has been strongly linked to stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks.

We work in conjunction with the Gippsland Sleep Clinic to provide a sleep study and oral appliance therapy to keep the airway open, so you can sleep a whole lot better - and saving your partner’s sanity in the process…

Talk to us today to get your sleeping and your health back on track!

open airway, sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia Complete or even partial airway obstruction while you sleep can't be good for you... Relief from snoring is at hand!